Friday, November 12, 2010

NFH New Orleans

Hello everyone out there Suzanne and I are at NHF 2010 in New Orleans tonight we are at a rock and roll party with CSL and about 500 guest enjoying fun and eaducacation .. please join us in sharing information we learned at NHF this year

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Suzanne said...

Wow, NHF was incredible. This was my first NHF experience and it sure was positive. My husband and I came home with a lot of great information and a feeling of empowerment. There was something for everyone. I especially felt a unity amongst the community to unite and empower. The CSL Behring Unity Jam Friday Night at the Foundry was AMAZING. I met so many new families and made many new Mom connections. The event had something for everyone. My favorite was the canvas art work that every person got to put there artistic touch on and sign. I know it will be some amazing show case where ever they put it. I danced the night away with the band and my husband enjoyed the t-shirt decorating station and Deal or No Deal. I would love to hear everyone's opinions on the annual meeting. Thanks for a great experience! Suzanne