Monday, April 21, 2008

To PORT or not to PORT

I recently met a new mom who is trying to decide if a port is the right choice for her and her son. She will be checking in on this blog so please share your thoughts about ports. Also maybe you could share your story of how you decided to have a port or not.

I have three sons with severe hemophilia A. At the present time none of them have a port as they are 24, 13, and 11. They all have had a port at one time. My oldest did not have a port until he was about 11. My other two had their ports placed between 10 months and 11 months. I was not a believer in them at first.....but boy did I change my mind!

A port may not be right for everyone. I did find it easier and less stressful to infuse my sons who always presented a challenge to start an IV for infusion.

Thank you all for sharing!

Babies Babies

Contratulations to all you new moms, I have heard of 2 babies in the last week