Thursday, October 23, 2008

Having more children after one is diagnoised with a bleeding disorder

I wanted to start this new blog after 2 Year Olds Mommy posted a comment. She will soon be having her second child and is wondering how others felt when they were in her shoes.

I have 3 sons all of who have severe hemophilia A. After our first son was born it did take a little bit for us to come to terms with everything that comes with a diagnoises of a bleeding disorder. We had no family history so I was lost! Each time I did go through some of the same feelings and fears. However I would have to say with each birth it was easier! I had a better understanding of hemophilia and how to handle it. I had found out before birth that my second and third sons had hemophilia. By the time I was waiting for the results of our third son I'd have to say I was more worried he did not have hemophilia. I did not want anything to be wrong with my child but hemophilia was now a norm in our family. I was worried I would not know how to parent a child that did not have hemophilia.

You have over a year under your belt with your sons diagnoises. Remember you have learned a lot! The biggest advise I can give you is to enjoy your new baby! Everything will fall into place for you and your family! We are always here for you support you and to celebrate with you! Please keep us posted on your delivery!

Best of luck to you!