Sunday, January 13, 2008

Leting your boys grow up

Today is going to be a long day

My son who is 13 years old, he will be 14 on the 27th of this month, went snowmobiling

His best friend has snowmobiles, he has gone before, but this time is different
they left yesterday at noon and camped out in a heating hut and are coming back today before dark

He infused to 100% of course before he left and will infuse today to 100% before he goes out today. He has factor, emergency releases, he is educated, he can self infuse as long as he is not to injured. His Friend and dad are 5 minute educated. head injury or internal injury call mom and head out of the mountains. Just in case you are wondering he has all the safely gear available not just a good helmet

He is going to be fine and so am I. I will let you know when he gets home