Thursday, January 1, 2009

Boys and Their Toys

I was sitting this afternoon enjoying the fact that we had successfully made it through not only Christmas but New Years without a trip to the ER. Those thoughts were interupted by the sound of my 12 year olds excited voice anouncing the fact that his oldest brother just pulled in the driveway with a new snowmobile in tow! Now don't get me wrong......I am all for my three sons with severe hemophilia to be boys first! However how much grey hair do they think their mother needs! I love to go and see my hairstylist but after finding out she and her husband were building a new house I began to wonder how much of that house my grey hair was financing!

It is hard sometimes to let your kids go and be boys. Trust me I know! After the family went outside and did the proper oohhhs and aahhhs he says he is going out snowmobiling with his friends. Now mind you he is 24 years old stands about 6 foot ~ 250 pounds and I find myself saying....."Did you do factor? Do you have factor with you? Are you sure this is a good idea?" With a smile and a laugh and a side hug to me he says...."Yes Mom! I'll be fine! Don't worry so much! I'll try to keep it under 100mph" Great! So I will spend the next several hours of daylight waiting for the phone to ring.....hopefully hearing how much fun he had! After all boys will be boys!