Friday, February 12, 2010

Your Child Has Hemophlia!

I will never forget the day those words were spoken to me! All three times!

I have three sons with severe hemophilia A. With no family history this was quite A shock to us! Our HTC provided us with a wealth of information. We also found wonderful resources at our local hemophilia chapter as well as the National Hemophilia Foundation. One thing that helped me was being able to talk to other moms who had kids with hemophilia. However 26 years ago that was a bit of a challenge! I am thrilled to be part of Hemophilia Moms so I can share my experiences with all of you!

I was so frustrated all those years ago when no one could answer a question that I felt was pretty straight forwar. " How big is a bruise before it is a bleed?" I always got the same answer..."you will know!" Now how was I going to know? I had never seen a "bleed"! I barely knew what hemophilia was! However, when my son had his first bleed....I knew it! When he had his first spontanious bleed....I knew! As mothers we need to trust ourselves. Take advatage of all the resources that are available! Twenty six years ago I would have loved to be able to talk to other moms in my shoes with the click of a mouse!

How did you feel when your son was diagnoised? How did you know your child had a bleed?

Make it a great day!