Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Finally, our much awaited mobile Helitrax (for users of Helixate FS) application is now available for my son and our family to use!!! Yayyyy!!!

I've been requesting this for the longest time, but since it wasn't available through my son's old treatment center, he never got one. I'm so glad to have it now available for us. His new doctor and treatment center is using it too. It worked out perfectly, I'm so excited!

Finished my training today too using the device and application. It's highly recommended if you don't have it. They made it so user-friendly. It is a very useful tool for the hemophilia community. And since my son now is in college, this is one way for us to keep track of his infusions without getting on his case all the time. You know how some teenagers are, they just doesn't wanna be asked.

I will definitely enjoy it with my son this weekend, by practicing on how to use it.