Tuesday, July 22, 2008

who can be a hemophilia carrier?

Hemophilia is a genetic disorder and is usually carriers through the women
if you are a daughter of a man with hemophilia you will be a carrier
if you are a daughter of a women that is a carrier you have 50/50 chance of being a carrier

there also is mutation of the gene when it just shows up with no family history

would you like to share your experiences with others

How do you become a hemophilia carrier

Hemophilia is a genetic condition. This genetic condition is carried on the X chromosome in women. A women is a carrier when her father has hemophilia or when her mother is a carrier and she receives the X that has hemophilia. There are tests available to be tested if you think you may be a carrier, check with your doctor.

There also is mutation of the gene, that is when it shows up out of now where.

I know that some of you carriers out there may have many questions, and feelings that you might want to share.