Tuesday, July 22, 2008

who can be a hemophilia carrier?

Hemophilia is a genetic disorder and is usually carriers through the women
if you are a daughter of a man with hemophilia you will be a carrier
if you are a daughter of a women that is a carrier you have 50/50 chance of being a carrier

there also is mutation of the gene when it just shows up with no family history

would you like to share your experiences with others


Jaime said...

As far as anyone in my family knows, there is no history of hemophilia at all. When we found out that Reece had it, we were stunned! We have not had the genetic tests done yet, but I am very curious/anxious to find out the results. I'm also very concerned for our daughter who is 5...I'm just hoping it was a spontaneous mutation for her sake. At what age do the doctors typically do these genetic tests?

sarabean said...

Our son is also a genetic mutation. I was completely devastated when he was diagnosed. I think I still m sometimes. I am very thankful that he is in the moderate category. I am finding that the disease itself is totally manageable for us, but the stress and the worry that goes along with it is really difficult for me to deal with sometimes. For example, he hit his head on the dresser the other day and I just freaked. I knew what to do and what ti look out for, but there is that voice in the back of my head wondering if I should get him a CT scan or take him for n infusion just in case. I really mourn not being able to be more relaxed about stuff like that.

Nichole said...

Jaime, I think in your case with your daughter, I would have her tested sometime during her teenage years, unless she is having problems that may signify she is a symptomatic carrier. I am a carrier, my son has type A but my daughter may or may not be a carrier. I plan to have her tested when she is a teenager. My sister an I knew we were carriers early on, so we knew with any serious relationship that it should be discussed, if the subject of children came up.