Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy 16

My son turned 16 this week, I am so proud of him. He has severe hemophilia and we have worked so hard at not allowing the hemophilia to run our lives. He has had a few knocks through the years, broken ankle and arm , a hit to the head, a bleed that lasted 6 weeks behind the knee, hemorrhaging Adonises, an elbow here and there, not to forget the mussel bleeds now and then.

He is walking with out a limp, 95%+ range of motion on all joints, a mended arm and no target joints.

He is getting his drivers license this week, spending weekends with friends even out of state and once in a snow cave. He rides dirt bikes, quads, snowmobiles and plays a full menue of sports. He has taken full controll of his inconvience and is powering on to be the best he can be.

What more can you ask for a well rounded kid, ready to take on the world

You new moms out there remember hemophilia is a small inconvience not a handicap
enjoy your children

Happy Birthday to my Alex

Seeking a freind to visit with

I have a family that has an older son in his 30th that has sever hemophilia. He also has some mental challenges and is unable to be on his own and take care of his hemophilia. I would like to find someone that understands these ups and downs and hook you up so you can visit, on line or telephone . If you are interested in making contact with his family please contact me at
thanks, Rhonda