Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What a Great Year!!!

I would like to follow behind Rhonda and welcome everyone to the new website. It is fabulous!!. Play around with it...check it out......ask me a question!! What a way to close out this year with something new as we look forward to a fresh 2011 with new programs and events posted to educate, empower and connect us Moms. I hope you will check in with us and come to some events.

Here in South Carolina we too are also closing out the year with a great event, our Annual Chapter Christmas Symposium weekend held in Myrtle Beach, SC. We look forward to it every year. One point I would like to share with you Mom's is that attending chapter meetings I have found is very important. It is a great forum for education, fellowhip, sharing and just plain fun. Last year it provided me with "just what the doctor ordered"!! I was struggling with some issues and had 2 other Mothers in a very similar stage of life with our kids and one Mom who had already been there to offer some great words of wisdom. I left that meeting a with a new outlook and a much better attitude on tackling some of the issues we as Mom's with children who have blood disorders face every day. It also gives Dad's a chance to mingle and do the same sort of thing. Siblings meet other siblings. Most importantly, my son has met some great kids who share the same disorder and it has empowered him both emotionally and physically.

I hope you enjoy the new website and come to some of the events that are close to you!

Happy Holidays!