Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Traveling Safe

We are thrilled to have so many of you join us in our chating and sharing information. That is the main reason we are connect and share ideas, stories, and encouragement. Any time you have a new question or comment please feel free to add it so we can talk about it. Again welcome to all!

I just want to mention a few safe traveling tips in view of the upcomming Holiday. Many will be traveling for the 4th of July and celebrating. BBQ's, swimming, and summer fun are a part of many plans. First of all make sure you have your factor "to go" pack with you. (Factor and all the supplies that you need just in case an infusion is necessary. You may also want to include instant ice packs.) Nothing ruins the fun like an injury and being unprepared to deal with it. If you have your can just infuse and continue to enjoy the festivities. Next make sure you apply and re-apply your sun block throughout the day. As well as keeping yourself and the children hydrated. Water is really good but you may want to consider some Gatorade or Powerade if you will be out in the heat the majority of the day. If hiking, biking, or other sports are on your agenda make sure the proper protective gear is used. This will help cut down the chances of injury.

I know many of these things are common sense things...but sometimes in the excitement and planning things can be forgotten. May you have a wonderful Holiday as you celebrate the Freedom of Our Great Country. Happy 4th of July!