Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hemophilia....It's a Small World!

I have been working at my sons high school selling their school logo clothing. Yesterday something made me walk down to the office to say "Hi" to the ladies. When I walked in one of the ladies started crying. When I asked her what was wrong she said that her best friends son had just been diagnoised with hemophilia. She said when she say me she was reminded of my boys and how "normal" they were. She had been feeling so sorry for her friend and not knowing what to say or do for her. Seeing me reminded her all she needed to do was be her friend!

Everyone around us has a hard time when a child is diagnoised. Hearing of someone going through the beginning stages of a diagnoises brought me back to my sons...all 3 of them. There are not many kids with hemophilia in the US but we sure have a way of finding one another and supporting each other! We are a family!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer!

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Becky and the Boys said...

Hello, I'm looking for recommendations. I have two mild hemophiliacs (7%). The younger one is 15 months, and has had a lot more trouble with falls and head bumps than my 8yo (some of the falls are due in part to his older brothers, which the oldest obviously didn't have to contend with). He is currently getting bumps on top of bumps on his forehead (we're stationed by the army in Seoul, Korea right now, and are utilizing the local Korean HTC). Do you recommend a helmet? There didn't seem to be any need for the oldest one, who rarely ever has a bleed. The baby only needs factor when he gets these goose eggs. I can't imagine him allowing it on his head, and expect that he would put all his energies into trying to get it off, but maybe he does need some sort of helmet. He had factor Wed., Thurs., Fri., last week and still has a big bump, then fell again this evening and produced a new, smaller bump next to the big one. I don't know if the Korean clinic would have info on such a thing. Thank you for any help. My email is beckylavallee at yahoo. Thanks.