Saturday, June 26, 2010

I spoke too soon......

Well, after my initial "hello" blog, my son came to me complaining about one of his ankles thats been bothering him for awhile. About a month ago, in one of his little league baseball games, he twisted his ankle but finished the game and he said it just felt sore. He had his infusion the same day as the game so I didn't think much about it. About a week later during another game, he said it just started hurting. Didn't do anything inparticular to make it start hurting. He's been complaining on and off for about a month now. For the first time the ankle looks bruised but doesn't hurt constantly. He was at a baseball camp this week and it got progressivly more sore I guess from use. this going to be a target joint? We are going to piggy back with and extra infusion this week to see if we can get it cleared up. But it is my first experience with a joint hurting him and I dont think it is a bleed. Or could it be? Guess the Mom in me wants an answer. Just thought I'd share my experience for the week. Suzanne

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Mom of 4 said...

I am no expert...but my son has had several joint bleeds. I have heard that what the medical profession calls a sprained really bleeding into the joint...go figure!

"Target joints" are usually diagnosed if the person bleeds repeatedly into a joint in a short period of time...say 3 times in 6 months to a year. You will really want to treat joint bleeds agressively. These types of bleeds damage joints and if repeated bleeds occur it can lead to loss of the joint's range of motion.

We don't mess around with joint bleeds. My son had a target left knee joint by the time he was 1 year old. (3 bleeds in 3 months) At that tender young age he could not straighten his was bent 12 degrees. Thankfully through physical therapy and learning to walk the leg finally stretched out and he regained full range of motion by 18 months.