Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boys and Baseball

My husband and I have worked very hard at making sure hemophilia is just a part of who our boys are and not what defines them! Baseball is a big part of our youngest sons life. He had a game last night against a team that is their biggest compitition. Winning this game would mean his team would clinch the first place seat.

Brady had had a minor bleed going on over the weekend so we were not sure how he would be able to perform. He plays third base and catcher. He started the game out at third base, which is where he likes it the best. During the 4th inning our catcher took a hard tag in the abdomen for the last out. He was struggling catching so next thing I know Brady is suited up and replaced our catcher so he could rest. That inning was Brady's inning to rest. Makes my heart warm knowing he doesn't "use" his hemophilia!

It was the bottom of the 9th. The score was 9-7...we were ahead. The other team was up to bat. Two outs. Bases loaded. Brady is back playing third base. Crack of the bat...ball headed to third base area....Brady scoops it up and makes an amazing throw to first base for the final out! Amazing!

I just had to share! I am so proud of my boys! Who they are in part is because of their hemophilia. Brady knew what it was like to just need a break and was willing to forgo his resting time to allow his teammate to rest.


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Suzanne said...

Wow Lori...what a great story! Your sons are amazing and I know you are so proud.

Very similar to you...baseball for my son was the venue that transformed him and gave him confidence. It is amazing to see him blossom. You said it perfectly..he did not let hemophilia define his life. Sometimes I think he works harder just to prove some people wrong.

I encourage every Mom to let there child bloom. It might not be a sport...maybe band, art, academics, church, find what it takes to nurture that sole.