Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ice and the Winter

Hello to you all. I hope you're all ready for the holidays. This is really a busy time for us all. I just thought I would share alittle story. If your son is anything like my 6 year old, he wants to play out in the snow. We had an ice storm last week and he thought it was cool to slide down the drive way to his bus. He made it all the way down without falling. Later that night we went to get into the car and he thought he would try it again. This time he fell and hit his face. Yes he had a knot and a cut on his forehead and check. He's ok now, but I believe he learned the hard way that ice is dangerous. His sister thought she could play on it because she doesn't have hemophilia, but we explained it's dangerous for anyone. I hope to hear from someone out there. Stay safe and Merry Christmas to all. Enjoy every day.

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