Monday, February 25, 2008

Strength in Unity

Good Evening!

I have just been reading the blogs posted in the last weeks - and I am thrilled that Mom's across the US and beyond are posting on the site!

Each comment I have read brings back memories of what my family experienced - and my sons were babies over 25 years ago! Yet, one thing remains constant - our need to share. And as all of you contributing to this blog have found - with sharing comes a true sense of support across the miles.

Kudos to the Moms' who have been so faithful in their oversight of Hemophilia Mom's Forum - you are great!

I can share this with you all and that is there are days I feel just as I did almost 30 years ago - a small feeling of panic wells up inside when Peter is going to do something: travel - race motocross - without me. He is an adult, and he is my child. He is mature, and he is my child. He is knowledgeable, and he is my child. He could be 60 and he will still be my child.

The needles, the helmets, the fear of discrimination, learning to walk, going to school - you will get through it and when you look back the tough times fade and the memories you recall are happy ones and even if it has been 27 years, he is "still your child".

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thanks for sharing