Friday, February 22, 2008

Being Brave

Some times being brave is really hard.

Leaving your child for the first time.

Infusing your self for the first time.

Leting your child go to the birthday party with out family alone for the first time.

Some times we mix up regular fears with hemophilia fears, remember we all at one point had to do these things, and for me they have all worked out ok.

How where you Brave?

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2 year olds Mommy said...

Just being there for your child when they are having to get stuck by that needle and holding yourself together is being brave. When my son is sitting there screaming his head off and crying and he is screaming "Mommy,no!" that breaks your heart. It is amazing how brave you are being, because in my minds eye, I just want to take him away and say everything will be ok. I just want to hold him and cry with him, but i have to be brave! It is so emotionally overwhelming and sad. I have to be brave enough to let him be a kid and play and trust that he will be ok.