Friday, January 4, 2008

Success - A Normal Fun Day

Thanks, Rhonda for reminding us that we need to look at our daily lives and extract the successful moments. Too many times people and circumstances shout the negatives and failures at us. I want to take the time to look at the successes, and the positives no matter how small.

One such success came the other day when our family drove up to the mountains to the "snow." (Around here you actually have to drive 2 hours to find snow.) Busy packing snow gear, snacks and 6 kids into the van was hectic and I had forgotten to infuse my son that morning. We spent the day sledding and playing in the snow. Much to the delight of my this was their first time sledding. A couple hours into it as I watched my son flying through the air after going over a jump...and realized I forgot the factor!!! My mind began to race: "What am I going to do if he has a bleed?" But after my panic...nothing happened. Nothing "bad" that is. We enjoyed the rest of the day sledding and drinking hot chocolate. And upon arriving home, a quick check revealed a couple of bruises but no bleeding. I call that a wonderful blessing and a success. My absentmindedness could have turned our day of fun into a real mess. But instead it was just a "normal" fun day!

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Rhonda said...

We are all normal each and everyone of us. we forget, over do, and sometime just do not know.

Do not forget we are just normal parents like everyone else, we do not have to be super Mom, even though we all try to be.

I am glad that your snow day was a great day.