Monday, March 21, 2011

To Port Again or Not

We have had such a hard time finding veins in my 16 year old. He had his port removed about 5 years ago. However, his veins lately have not been cooperating at all! Of course this has become very stressful! My son has now decided he would like to have another port placed. We stand behind whatever decission he makes.

I am wondering if there are other families out there that have made the decission to place another port years after having one removed.

I hope you all are enjoying the begining of spring!


DeAnn said...

Hi Lori, even though my child is 7 and had his our it has been TERRIBLE without the port. I have blogged some about before. I do believe stand by him, he knows his body better than anyone. I can say it would be biteing tooth and nails for us to talk our doctor into this..
Good luck,

Ann said...

If my grandson with severe hemophilia a doesn't require regular er visits or hardly at all should he get a port at 18 months? Thanks, Ann