Monday, December 13, 2010

Proud Momma Moment!

Wow, Myrtle Beach, SC was beautiful on Friday Dec. 10th which was the opening of our SC Hemophilia Chapters annual Christmas Education Symposium. We had some fabulous speakers and break out sessions. My son looks forward to this event every year. He gets to spend a weekend with other children who have the same disorder and it gives him a chance to form life time relationships with those children. At this event, we were offered a chance to attend a new summer camp here in SC this year. The closest camp to us with a bleeding disorders week is 4 hours away. I think all the kids are getting very excited to have the opportunity to spend another week together. And I think my son finally got what I have been telling him since he was born......As I was hovering over him and his activities at the pool he told me "Mom, this is the way the Good Lord made me and I have to learn to deal with it. Let me be with my buddies and have some fun!" I had to back off....let go (which about killed me) and he had the time of his life, knew his limits and got to feel normal. It was a proud Momma moment.
Happy Holidays to Everyone! God bless. Suzanne

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