Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kids will be Kids

Good Morning everyone,
My son wanted to take a last dip in the river Wednesday Night before dinner and packing for Vacation. We live close to the river, he jumped in his normal spot that him and his cousins call thier own and something happened, he hit a big rock. Some one had pushed a big rock into the jumping spot and he hit it with his left foot. Breaking it in 4 places at the ankle, Well guess what that ment, a trip to the ER exrays and 5 hours of wait time. they said we could still go on Vacation, but we were going to fly in 4 hours for 6 hours plus to a Ranch of all fun outdoor things and he was in a boot, crutches and wheelchair not mention the Meds involved. the trip has been postponed and we are having surgery next week, in the mean time we are infusing twice a day and trying to keep a 15 year old some what at bay, he is still very active, he went to the National Motor Cross Races, went to the river, went shopping and out to dinner. I have to admire my Son he is taking this small set back with a great attitude, I will keep you posted on the out come


Rhonda said...

we had surgery this morning and all is well, modern technology

Rhonda said...

We are home now infusing 3 times a a day keeping it elevated no weight on it for 20 days wish us luck, the hemophilia did not add to the problem with the factor being given 3 times a day he is pretty normal (as normal as a 15 year old can be)