Friday, July 10, 2009


How many of you are sending your child to a bleeding disorder camp? We are packing up today to head to the northern woods of Minnesota. My boys will be attending hemophilia camp at Courage North in a week. We like to go up early with our RV and spend some time with the boys before hand.

I would love to hear from those of who have kids going to camp, already been to camp, or deciding about camp!

Hope you all are enjoying the summer!


SeansMom said...

My little guy is still too young for camp but I'm looking forward to sending him when he's old enough. We did have a play date with a fellow hemo that lives about an hour from us. It was nice to chat in person with another young mom dealing with the same issues and watching our two boys running around without a clue of what hemophilia is.

I mentioned Sean filmed a Huggies commercial a month or so back and it's finally on National TV. Some of you might have even already seen it. Here is the link:

You wouldn't ever think that we almost lost this little hemo guy to a head bleed almost a year to the date this commercial was filmed!!!

Rhonda said...

At our camp the kids can receive mail and that is a high light for them , just do not say things like miss you or wish you were hope I was told

My kids go the first week in August