Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ready for Baseball?

The nice weather has finnaly come to Minnesota! With it also comes baseball season for my younger two boys. Somedays I feel my kids have forgotten they have hemophilia! My kids know that they must do factor before being able to play baseball. Every year we seem to have to have the same talk about making sure this has been taken care of. They do understand why they need is just teenagers really hate another "chore"!

So when Monday afternoon came around it was time to head off to the field. Baseball uniform...check, cleats.....check, bat, glove, batting helmet.....check, catchers gear....check, water....check, factor......oh, I forgot to do it....I'll just do it when we get home. To which I said, "No! You will do it before ball or you will not be going." Like I said this is not something new to them. So why is it every year we go through this same process?

I'd love to hear from all of you! Let me know how your spring is going. Are there any topics you would like to talk about?

Enjoy the warm weather!

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Sarah said...

For us it is swimming, and although it is not a contact sport we still get our share of bleeds. Raymond "forgets" about factor but he knows for sure he will not go in the water without it. The water rules are hard for him but neccesary. I noticed last time that because of the rules anouther boy asked why he wasn't able to run and jump in. Raymond was able to have an open discussion about his Hemophilia with this child and he was so proud of himself.