Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Broken bones

Hello to all. I was just curious to find out if any of you have experienced any broken bones with your child/children. Was there a bleed when it happened and how bad? I have not and hopefully won't experience this but, it's a question that I've wondered about and that's what blogging to eachother is all about.
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sean's mom said...

I never had an experience with broken bones with my son and I can only hope I never do. However when my son got his port put in a few months back we did ask our doctor about the possibility of his breaking bones in the future and she told us as long as he is on prophylaxis it is the same as any other kid breaking a bone but if not on prophylaxis there would most likely be bleeding. I'm also curious if any other moms have experienced broken bones with their sons. Good question!

sarabean said...

well, my little hemo is only 1 so none yet...and i am crossing my fingers that they never do break.

we did experience our first mouth bleeds recently. they happened within a week of each other. the first time we were on vacation and i had forgotten to pack the amicar. he cut his lip on the inside lip and on the outside. i was a mess, but he clotted all on his own and the clots never broke.

the following weekend e was waling around in our room (still holding on) and he hit his chin on the foot of our bed, which sent his tooth up to the roof of his mouth. i was a mess...feeling so awful that it happened again. but, again...there was very little blood and it clotted all on his own. about five days after though, it began to bleed. we couldn't get it to clot so we ended up in the emergency room for a round of factor, and found that the clot was right where his tooth would hit it and that's why it kept breaking loose. so after the factor we did amicar for 4 days (which is so difficult because of the taste and the every 6 hour regimen). but, it worked very well and he's just as sweet and happy as ever.

Nichole F. said...

I just saw this question, I have not dealt with broken bones with either of my kids yet, hemo or not, but I can speak from experience of being a former vet tech (ok, not the same as your CHILD, I know, but mammal bones are mostly the same) would depend a lot on the severity of the break, I would imagine, a compound fracture could damage tissue in the area, and an open fracture of course would for sure cause bleeding. There would be swelling associated with a break too, no matter how bad, so I would assume any break would need factor, but prohylaxis may be needed also for a while after the bone is set too. My little guy is really getting around now, at 14 months and he is going to be a climber, and into everything. I walk out of the room for a minute, and he is standing on whatever he can...I can't help but think it is only a matter of time before he needs his first treatment for an injury.....

Anonymous said...

I just read you broken bones question, and i have a 3 year old right now with a broken leg. He has a port and we do prophy he is hemo A -0%. Anyways we had to stay in the hospital for three days. While in the hospital they were giving him infuseions evert 12hours. Now we are doing full life infusions everyday for two weeks,then every other day infusions after that for at least two more weeks. Because when the bone breaks it bleeds. So please don't take it lightly because it was a big deal with our little hemo..