Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We are all about You

Hi Moms,
Tell us what you would like to talk about, or need information about. This blog site is what ever we want it to be. Let us know what you would like to hear about.

Enjoy your April Fools Day.

Camp is right around the corner, do we want to talk about camp?
Signing up for Kindergarten for next year ?
The first family vacation away from home?
I am a carrier and looking at having a child?
How do we treat our children the same when one has hemophilia with an inhibitor?
What is an inhibitor?

These are a few ideas to think about it, let us know what you would like to talk about?


Sean's mom said...

I have a couple questions, I hope you moms have some answers to. My son who is 8 1/2 months old now, still sleeps in bed with us. We really want him to start sleeping in his crib but he pulls the bumper down and hits his head against the crib... Did any of you moms have this problem and if so what did you do?? Also, the round play centers and walkers he has he LOVES to be in, but unfortunately he is so ruff and bangs around in them and they are causing bruising on his ribs and sometimes elbows. I tried to put the padding that they sell for table edges but it's a little too thick. Any other suggestions?

Rhonda said...

I have asked all the moms to respond to this question We will be back with you real soon

Jaime said...

I'm having a similar problem with my 10mo old who has discovered how to STAND up in his crib. He has fallen a couple of time and bumped his head. I hate to put his helmet on him in bed too...any suggestions?

Lori said...

I did experience this as well when my sons were young. We used to use duck tape to tape padding (either bought at a fabric store or use towel or blankets) to the area that was causing the problem.

As for the crib issue. All of the infant saftey experts now say not to use bumpers on the crib. I found that if I took the bumpers off there was no attraction for him to play by the rail. Now for the standing. When ours sons got to this stage we lowered the mattress as low as it would go. Then if he still was able to stand with potential of falling we would pad the area where he might fall. You could use memory foam like what is used for a mattress top or you could go to a fabric store. They have lots of options for padding.

Hope you find this helpful! Don't forget to enjoy your son! Remember he is a boy first!