Sunday, December 16, 2007


As I sit here this morning and watch the snow falling ever so quietly, I remember the blizzard we had in December of 1978, the weekend my 3 month old son was diagnosed with severe hemophilia. Sitting in the intensive care unit, trying to absorb what we were being told, Todd's Dad and I struggled to acknowledge, accept and move forward - we were able to acknowledge, but the acceptance and moving forward came much later.

Thinking back I realize that was a pattern we followed throughout our lives. Each time we were confronted with something new there was the need to acknowledge, accept and move forward. For each, the time frame for that acknowledgment and acceptance in order that one could move forward,was different. For each, our coping mechanisms were different. But the basis for all remained consistent: we loved our sons and from that love grew a thirst for knowledge; with our knowledge we gained control; with that sense of control we lived normal lives in a not so normal world.

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Rhonda said...

I once was asked what do you mean your son lives a normal life. I replyed normal is what you make it. what is normal for you may not be normal for me and so on. I am glad that we can reconize that we are just as normal as the next guy. We have been a gift that allows us to see it and believe it we do have control our own lives and can live those lives. Remember not any two people are the same and they all live normal lives too. It is ok to have Hemophilia, it is ok to be normal. It is ok to be you.